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The key to successful global communication is readiness for change, open mindedness toward different ideas and appreciation for new experiences. At Mirai InterCultural, it is our passion to provide you with the necessary skills to achieve your business goals.


Our Clients

Alpine Electronics | Alps Electric North America | American Honda Motor Co. Inc. | Honda of America Mfg. | Honda Engineering North America | Honda Logistics North America | Honda Manufacturing of Indiana | Honda Manufacturing of Alabama | Honda North America Inc. | Honda Patents and Technologies | Honda R&D Ohio | Honda Transmission Mfg. America | Japan America Society Central Ohio (JASCO) | Ohashi Technica USA Inc. | Sumitomo Electric Wiring System | TS Tech Americas | Yamada North America Inc. | Yazaki North America


It’s easy to get lost in foreign settings.

Mirai InterCultural offers consultative language and culture training, providing the necessary roadmap so international companies feel oriented, comfortable and confident when competing in the global business community.


Why Mirai InterCultural?

Tailored Courses

Our tailored language training programs incorporate real-life situations that are carefully customized for you and your company’s unique needs.

Interactive Classes

Our passion to bridge people across cultures begins with the individual. Our on-site language programs allow for interactive, hands-on learning.

Experienced Instructors

Our carefully-selected, qualified language teachers are industry experts with diverse backgrounds, methodologies and fields of expertise.

Proven Results

Since 2003, our language and culture courses have advanced the business goals of over 20 diverse, professional clients in the U.S. - with proven results.


We teach language and culture classes to over 250 students a month


We prepare 100 professionals for travel assignments every year


Our methods work. We boast a 100% retention rate with our clients

Our language classes will take you further.


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