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Language and Culture Training for your International Business

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It's easy to feel lost in a foreign setting. Mirai InterCultural offers consultative language and culture training for your international company. We provide a tailored roadmap so that you and your company feel oriented, comfortable, and confident in reaching your goals and competing in the global business community.
We begin our passion to bridge people across cultures with the individual. Our on-site training offers hands-on learning tailored to you and your company’s unique needs. Since 2003, our results-driven business language and culture courses have effectively advanced the business goals of our diverse professional clients in the U.S.


Understanding appropriate cultural practices and professional etiquette is key to achieving business success. Our workshops are practical, and you will see immediate results.


The heart of our training focuses on using language as a tool to build and strengthen long-lasting business relationships. We offer group classes as well as individual lessons.


Customize a program that aligns with your goals. Our team of global education experts accomodate your desired content, learning-style, and timeline.

Programs and Workshops

Building strong, professional relationships requires time and commitment, trial-and-error approaches, and a sense of community and respect. We believe that the foundation of such relationships among people in the workplace is created through effective culture and language training. Every company has different resources and different goals. We prepare our programs based on your company's unique needs, so,together, we can create a plan that meets targets.

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Meet Our Staff

Jun Kawabe

In addition to her work at Mirai Intercultural, Jun has worked at several universities as a professor of Japanese language, where she developed and coordinated various new curriculums, programs and courses。Jun received her M.A. in East Asian Languages and Literatures from The Ohio State University. She received her B.A. in English from Kansai University of Foreign Studies in Japan.



Laura Maurer

Senior Language Trainer

A native to Ohio, Laura received her Master's degree in Japanese Pedagogy from The Ohio State University, and obtained her Bachelor's degree in Japanese Language from the University of Findley. She has extensive teaching and living experience in Japan, having lived in Fukui Prefecture for one year and two years in Okayama Prefecture as an English teacher. She is now a senior language trainer at Mirai InterCultural, training business associates in both Japanese and English.











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