Culture Workshops


Our customized language and culture workshops are offered in Japanese and English and are led by the company’s Director, Jun Kawabe. Workshops are available for both small and large audiences. Our content is interactive and designed to meet your needs. In just a few hours, participants will learn survival language skills, gain insights into a new culture and learn what it means to communicate diversely.


Previous seminar topics

  • Environments That Shape the Japanese Mind

  • Less is More: Small Things Matter

  • Working for a Japanese Company

  • How to Work with Japanese: Key Phrases, Body Language, Debunking Myths and Revealing Truths

  • Japanese Way, American Way: Essential Concepts of Japanese Management

  • The America I Should Have Known


“Learning Language in an office setting may not directly help me in meetings or conferences, but it helps break down the barriers of understanding and build a relationship of trust and support amongst international visitors that otherwise might feel out of place. Being able to even say “Hello how are you?” in their native language has helped me understand, and show that I am open to learning more about their culture, which in the end makes for a more productive and welcoming work environment.”

- Jude DuPort, Corporate Trainee, OH