Corporate Services

When it comes to the success of your international business, intercultural competence is key. We understand business and have the acumen and experience to meet your needs and deliver results.


corporate language and culture training

Building strong, professional relationships requires time, commitment and a sense of community and respect. We believe that a thorough understanding of culture, language and etiquette is at the heart of these workplace connections.

Every interaction counts. With the right training and exposure, your global workforce will be equipped with the tools they need to grow relationships that will drive business outcomes.


assignment and business travel training

Today’s international assignees must balance their professional assignment with navigating a new life in a foreign country. We believe that successful expatriation requires family support. Our long-term business assignment training is extended to both the assignee and their family members.

Proper preparation for relocation will ease transition pains and improve an assignee’s overall productivity. In return, you will see improvement in your company’s success rate overseas.


business seminars and consultation

Removing barriers and driving sustainable growth requires a culturally competent workforce. Your employees are on the front lines of your business - providing them with the insights to improve multicultural understanding will encourage corporate harmony and promote teamwork.

The best part of the class was learning a new language and culture simultaneously... made learning easy and fun.
— Ron Searls, corporate trainee (OH)